Red Equinox - Douglas Wynne
This is a wonderful story in a modern-day Cthulhu Mythos setting. Lovecraft would have loved Mr. Wynne’s detailed descriptions of Boston. The author was able to capture some of the cosmic dread that Lovecraft was known for, while still having strong human characters.

***Mild spoilers ahead..big spoilers are hidden***

The book started off well, but I soon felt restless reading the first 90 pages of this 260 page book. While it seemed that there should be a sense of urgency to what was going on, there wasn’t. The characters and descriptions were fabulous but events were just meandering on. I was worried this was going to continue throughout the book.

At about 35% into the book, the action revved into 5th gear and did not stop until the last chapter. Looking back, the slow set up was necessary to build the characters and the events. I was rooting for the main character, Becca, and enjoyed seeing how the author showed her overcoming her inner doubts. The reluctant heroine grew emotionally from the events in the story and I loved that.

I was really upset when Raphael died. I was glad to see that Becca had some closure after his death; I needed some too! I loved the twist at the end. Does this mean there will be a second book?

I would have liked to learn more about the Starry Wisdom cultists, what drew them to the church in the first place. It seemed that two of the cultists were actually SPECTRA agents but their back stories weren’t fleshed out. The descriptions of Nyarlathotep in his various forms were amazing. Mr. Wynne did a great job expanding on this entity.
Overall I really liked this book!