Dead Reckoning - Charlaine Harris
Charlaine Harris’s novels are like junk food; no nutritional value but so good you can’t stop eating (well reading)!

I love reading about Sookie Stackhouse and her supernatural adventures. I found the last three books at the library and picked them up. It’s been a few years since I read the previous books. It’s nice to be transported back to Sookie’s familiar world. No matter how many bloody events she has to deal with, Sookie is still serving up homemade iced tea to her guests and cleaning her old house with vigor like a true Southern lady.

Business at Merlottes is bad, and the violent events that plague the restaurant don’t seem to be letting up. Two of Sookie’s past boyfriends show up and profess their love. Sookie is dealing with her blood bond to Eric, and her fairy cousins are living at her house. Pelt is out to kill her. Her cousin Hunter, a telepath is about to start kindergarten. Victor, the vampire regent of Louisiana, seems intent on provoking Eric. Businesses are bad at Fangtasia and Merlottes. Sookie finds a letter from her grandmother and an elven magic item. She finds out more about her family’s past. All this and Sookie has a baby shower to host!

The plot is a bit mish-mashed. The story jumps around, not building up tension on any one event. Mostly everything is resolved at the end of the book, except what the fairies are up to.
Sookie and Eric basically break up at the end of the book, which is weird because they seem truly in love at the beginning and nothing really happens. She decides to break her bond with him on a whim. There is talk of continuity issues in this book, but since I read the previous books years ago I can’t really say. I’m almost afraid to finish the series because I am worried that I will be annoyed by the choices Sookie makes.

Even with the weak points, Sookie Stackhouse novels are fun reads that I don’t want to put down until the end. This was no exception.