Proven Guilty - Jim Butcher
Proven Guilty starts off slow and I had a difficult time staying interested during the first few chapters. The storyline picks up a quarter of the way through and then I couldn't put this book down. In this installment of the Dresden Files we get a more in depth look at Michael Carpenter's family. Molly, Michael's teenage daughter turns goth and gets Harry involved in strange happenings at a local horror convention, SplatterCon!! Charity, Michael's wife, has always served as an antagonist to Harry, and would prefer if her godly husband would have nothing to do with the haphazard wizard. We see another side of her in this book and get to know more about her past. While it's didn't make me like Charity I certainly felt more sympathetic towards her and her view points. Harry continues to struggle with Lasciel, the fallen angel trapped inside Harry's mind and fighting to take control of him. Harry again finds himself involved in fairy drama. Whispers about the traitor in the White Council become more concrete but we still don't know who it could be. I personally think it's the Merlin, but only time will tell!